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When a Mythologist Meets a Marketer

Creativity lessons from Mythology

When a Mythologist Meets a Marketer!!!!
Creativity lessons from Mythology

What is mythology all about? Gods and demons and their shenanigans. Instead of questioning their existence or actions, what if we interpret them? What if they were hidden messages for us to fight the battle within?

What if they were all markers to help guide us in our creative journey? What if they were messages from the past, for us to be wary of the fears and enemies, and to stay the course?

Marketing and life lessons from Gods, and Demons!
A conversation between a dad and daughter on this topic; and the interpretations therein.

When a Mythologist meets a marketer! Welcome to our mini-cast.

Shraddha Anu Shekar: The Teen Mythologist
Pravin Shekar: The Outlier Marketer