IMMERSIONS - Pravin Shekar | Outlier Marketer

These are courses and outlier immersions I conduct. Talk to me for a customised program.

Sell Without Selling

Using the pull technique to attract new clients.
A 90-minute masterclass about building your tribe and your brand devotion.

Brand You!

7 Steps to build your individual brand and increase your visibility.
Increase your personal brand, your individual brand, and
increase your visibility to get more of what you want.
Tell the world your story, your specialty, and your
area of expertise and Brand You!

Elastic Content for Growth

Content that can be adapted to suit the changing consumers and their tastes is elastic content.
Content brings qualified leads. Good content brings good content.
Elastic content brings in newer client segments.
Elastic content is EVERGREEN!

Be a Micro Marketer

Dream big, act small. How to build an effective micro marketing strategy to convert ideas to solutions?
What is micro marketing? How is it useful for my business? How to get paying clients?
How can I grow my business through word of mouth?

Writer’s Workout

It’s time to write your story.

This is a workshop for those interested in authoring a book (fiction or business) - or knowing more about the process of writing.
The 90 minute session will walk you through the stages of writing, provide tips and tricks and a couple of templates to use. The workshop will be hands-on.
For those who want to continue the journey further, we shall hand-hold you the next 100 days through to publishing.
Everyone has a story within.
If you are serious about getting your book published in the next 100 days, then sign-up, show-up and script away. Brought to you by the dad-daughter duo of Shraddha and Pravin Shekar.




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