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Sell without Selling!

You can
sell without selling!

It is NOT a click-bait! Yes, you can sell without selling. Learn how to use the pull technique to get new clients by attending the Sell without selling Masterclass by Pravin Shekar.

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If you are keen to know how to sell with out selling along with your team, reach us for a customised session of "Sell without Selling" for your team.

Selling Without Selling Masterclass

Testimonials from the participants

  • Chimmu Kutty

    "Pravin Shekar #Kudos Your 'Selling without Selling' Masterclass was impactful, inspirational, and interactive! Lots of Learnings and Take-aways! #thankyou #psai #marketing"

    Chimmu Kutty
    Confidence Coach
  • Sreenivassan Ramaprasad

    "What an awesome masterclass by Pravin Shekar we had at PSAI Chennai this week. Pravin opened up a new dimension for developing your business with his concept of building a tribe. Not just a set of people you know but building them and taking them through 7 stages of relationships that will transform your business. Kudos to Pravin for his clarity and action-provoking thought leadership."

    Sreenivassan Ramaprasad
    Founder & Enabler, Saamartya
  • Babu Krishnamoorthy

    "Amazing Session on building your Tribe for Speakers titled "Selling without Selling" It was a classic Pravin Shekar Outlier Marketer session filled with story-based insights, jogging your thought process with multiple probabilities for 90 minutes of pure, unadulterated learning. Copybook of how a MasterClass needs to be..all pro bono to the professional speaker community, another Pravin Shekar classic... Great time and immense food for thought. Thank you!"

    Babu Krishnamoorthy
    Financial Sherpa

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This will be a PAID mastermind with fees paid directly to the Bhoomika Trust towards Covid relief.

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