Yes, you read that right.

Centuries ago it is said, Kalidas, a famous classical poet and dramatist was doing that. Sitting on the branch and sawing it off. He fell. What else? And then became famous for his writing.,

OK, correlation is not causation and I am not making any tall claims.

If you want real change, not just small incremental ones, A total makeover; Then go ahead and be ready to be called a fool.

Saw off the branch that you stand on.

Some paths need a complete cutoff. An imperative to start afresh.

It is bold, risky, foolhardy. Necessary; Should you want the change, that is.

Better be a fool embarking on a new journey than one sitting in the same place and pining for a new life.

Press. That. Reset. Button. Now.


Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.Talk to him to rip apart and redo your marketing strategy. mic

Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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