Thank you Bob. Thank you.
You’ve inspired a whole generation  of youngsters. Just with your fist up move. Every time you leave in a copter, they watch you. They imitate you. It charges them up. You get in, it takes off and you up your fist. It charges them positively and I can see it in their energy levels and actions. Thank you Bob.

Bob’s wife looks at him: Really?

Bob: I get into the helicopter. It takes off and I need support. So I hold the handle above the door, atop my head….

Here’s another episode:
Mom, why do you always cut the bread loaf into two-thirds and one-thirds?

Mom: That’s the way it’s been done. Let’s ask grandma. Grandma: that’s the way I saw my mom do it. Always. Let’s ask your great grandma.

Great grandma: Well. We lived in a village and I had just had one cutting board. It was small and the whole loaf didn’t fit in. So I first cut 2/3 and then 1/3rd……

What really happens and how it is perceived…

Quoting an old Tamil saying for life and business:
“Seeing with the eye is false. Hearing with the ear is false. Only complete investigation and decision making is true.”



Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.   Talk to him to rip apart and redo your marketing strategy. mic @PravinShekar.com.

Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!http://tiny.cc/PravinShekarBooks

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