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Speaker Marketing Mastermind

by Pravin Shekar - The Outlier Marketer

Become a Pro Speaker!

The Speaker Marketing Mastermind:

For speakers who want to turn PRO.


Professional speaking is an industry.

It pays and pays well. Perhaps, that’s why you are here, attending the Professional Speakers Association of India’s Annual Summit; wanting to do more, and wanting to do it now!

But where do you begin?

How do you transform from being just another speaker to a Professional Speaker?

Welcome to The Speaker’s Marketing Mastermind, a virtual masterclass designed to hush all those questions running in your head, so that you can just speak!


So what are these questions that hold you back?

  • How do I become a professional speaker?
  • How do I establish a sustainable career as a speaker?
  • Is it really worth the time and effort?
  • Wait, what will I even speak on?
  • How do I graduate from being just a speaker to a professional speaker?

Trust me, these are nothing but the demons of self-doubt, criticism, and unnecessary voices raising their ante. It’s normal. As normal as getting butterflies in your stomach just before you get on stage, everytime!

And despite the demons, you are here, clear of your chosen goal - To Become a PRO Speaker.

1What is a mastermind?
A MM is a group of people who come together for a specific objective. This could be a time-bound objective or something with a longer timeframe.

A group that leverages the wisdom of an invited crowd – over a period of time!

The mind of masters!
2Why do you need this Mastermind?
It will give you,

● A sounding board

● A few Devil’s advocates and

● Differing points of view.

Once we have established the trust, this could be a support structure for you and the other participating speakers.
3What will you take back from The Speaker’s Marketing Mastermind?
● Clarity on your speaking topic

● A definitive route map

● A Speaker’s playbook

● Ideas, and thought starters from lots of discussions, homework, and action items

● Purpose, Positioning, Marketing and Finance plans

● Guidance on outreach activities.

● Answers from 1-on-1 sessions for your queries.

● And the attitude to reach out and grow your paid speaking career.

4Who will form a part of The Speakers' Marketing Mastermind?
A curated set of 4-6 participants – all on the same path as you, with the right attitude and commitment.
5What is the duration of this mastermind?
● 8 Zoom sessions spread over 10 weeks.

● 3 1-on-1 sessions to clarify individual queries.

6What do I need to do?
1. Fill the registration form. Please respond to the questions as directly (and briefly) as you can.

2. A Zoom discussion session will be organized, 1-on-1, to understand each other.

3. A legal contract to be signed, and of course, the payment.

4. Participate fully in the Mastermind. Give more than you get, is the mantra.

5. Ping, ask, question, comment, share.


7What is the investment?
The monetary investment for this Speaker Marketing Mastermind will be ₹30,000/- (Thirty Thousand Rupees Only). Only the participants who are selected to be a part of the mastermind group will be making this investment.

The Promise

At the end of the mastermind, you will have clarity on your speaking topic, the path, the playbook.

You will be set to reach out and grow your paid speaking career.

And now for the disclaimer,

This is not a magic pill. There will be no immediate transformation.

You will need to put in the time, effort, and investment.

What you achieve will be a multiple of what you put in.


A Mastermind is one such process that enables you to seek the wisdom of the wizened crowd, enabling you to come up with your own marketing plan of action.




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