Pravin Shekar for Vice President of ESOMAR

I am Pravin Shekar and I am standing for the post of the Vice President of ESOMAR.

This blog-post is to explain why I am doing so and to seek your support. 


ESOMAR is a truly global organization, proactive and on the cutting edge.  ESOMAR and our industry need a booster dose of youth and entrepreneurship and that is what I bring to the table.

As an ESOMAR member, country representative for three years, Council member, Speaker and Event organizer, I have been very active in spreading the brand of ESOMAR and the need for uniform standards – across the globe. Some of the key initiatives include promoting the “Best of” Series, getting recognition for the country reps and in conceptualizing events for clients, agencies and younger researchers. 

In recognition of my continued thrust to propagate research, the American Marketing Association conferred the “Emerging Leader in Marketing Research” award in 2011. I consider it an honor and encouragement to continue to do more for our industry. 

The need for our industry is to be more inclusive on all fronts – Geography, Technology, Methodology or the various roles/headings. Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa – are all emerging economies and contributing significantly for research. Our industry is ever expanding with newer players, services and solutions. How can we bring the new entrants onto a common global platform? How can we work together with all stakeholders, including governments and policy bodies, to propagate research? 

My role as Vice President would be to ensure more participation by all stakeholders, at a local/regional level.

ESOMAR’s focus (and ours) must continue to be on the NextGen, mixing tradition and innovation and invigorating the Global/local mix. 

My motto: Pick a cause, stick with it, take it to the next level. 

 My cause is ESOMAR and the propagation of MR and standards – and with your support, I intend to take it to the next level.

The three key steps that I intend to focus on are: 

·                  * Enhancing Global/local interaction

·                  * Focus on students and young researchers – to make Research a career of choice and

·                  * To “Market” marketing research.  Ours is a fun industry and this love needs to be spread across!

 My thrust is on youth, entrepreneurship and a CAN DO spirit to get things done!

I believe, based on my past work, passion and energy – and with your encouragement, I will do my best to further the cause of ESOMAR and MR, as the next Vice President of ESOMAR.  

Thank you for your support and let’s ROCK ON!!!


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