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This eBook has been written specifically for the members of the PSAI, some of whom are aspiring to become professional speakers


Professional speaking is a career. For some it is automatic. For many it takes years of planning, practice and perfecting.

It all starts with the first step. Take yours. Pick this book up and learn how to be a sought after, paid speaker right away.

This book is for those interested in establishing a rewarding speaking career that adds value to people’s lives.

It is simple, entertaining and action oriented.

Authored by outlier marketer and professional speaker Pravin Shekar, Co-Founder of the Professional Speakers Association of India.

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Reviews by Speakers

  • Koushik S

    "It's a great read, less than 30 minutes, that captures the essence of what it takes to get paid for being a professional speaker. I would view this as a checklist for rereading as many times, as professional speakers and aspiring speakers build their brand and speaking businesses."

    Koushik S
  • Bhagyanath Menon

    "The author has neatly summarised not only on how to get paid for one's professional speaking skills, as the title suggests,

    but also how to hone your skills to be an enthralling speaker. The various tools mentioned in the book can also be effectively

    utilised by non speakers in one's area of specialisation, albeit with some modification.

    So this book has a larger canvas than speakers and is a must for general reading.

    Awaiting many more such ventures the stable of Mr. Pravin Shekar."

    Bhagyanath Menon
  • Ganesh Vancheeswaran

    "Pravin's book is slim, crisp and to-the-point. It covers the essentials, without wasting time in verbiage. Think of this book as a start-up kit for anyone who wants to

    become a professional speaker and is willing to take action towards that goal. From finding topics to speak

    about to building a strong presence in the market, it covers various aspects in the right amount of detail. I strongly recommend it."

    Ganesh Vancheeswaran
  • Kiruba Shankar

    "Pravin Shekar is a passionate speaker and someone who has successfully cracked the 'professional' part of speaking. He comes

    under the #DoersAsSpeaker, a category of special people I have respect for as they have demonstrated each of the principles espoused in this book.

    If you are a speaker and want to make money from your speaking, you must read this book. It's an hour of your time very well spent."

    Kiruba Shankar


This book answers all the questions about getting your first paid professional speaking gig in just under 30-minutes. You can complete the book in one go and start gearing up for your first paid speaking gig!

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