Mobile Micro-interview! Navin Williams, co-author of The handbook of Mobile Market Research

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I’ve known Navin for quite some time and had the opportunity to interact with him at the NICE ESOMAR Conference. Also got an autographed copy of his new book “The Handbook of Mobile Market Research”. Quick bytes from our discussion:

1. Navin, you’re a mint-fresh author. Talk about your experience in bringing out “The Handbook of Mobile research”

I think it’s the fruition of multiple efforts. My co-authors Ray and Sue naturally, and then all the people who contributed with cases, proof reading and feedback. If I have to sum the experience I would attribute it to “collaboration”.
2. From being one of the pioneers involved in mobile research, how has the journey been?

It’s been a humbling experience. Going from being considered someone peddling dreams to see the birth of associations and conferences focused solely on “mobile”. Further to see today everyone in the industry is bullish on mobile is very rewarding. It is now up to us as practitioners on how we bring mobile to life within our environments.
3. You’ve executed mobile projects in Asia, Europe and Africa? What are the commonalities and differences?

The mobile consumer in each market differs, even by country and not just by continent. While the infrastructure in many of the developed markets are better, the consumer itself maybe less mobile savvy. While in developing markets the infrastructure is restrained and hardware not always top notch, the users here that do have access and are heavy users are the most advanced in the world. Irrespective of the environment and market, the fact is consumers have taken to the mobile phone like fish to water. Though you don’t wear a mobile in the literal sense, without it most feel naked!


BTW, Navin Williams is a candidate for the ESOMAR Council 2015-16 (and so is yours truly, for the Prez).

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