You want something creative. Quirky. Different.

Are you ready for it? Do you really want it or saying so because it sounds cool? Can you handle it?

Be creative: this is the brief I’ve received several times. For campaigns, designs, copy, ACTION.

When different is delivered…. “hey, good work, but….”; this is a bit too different. Can you like, be slightly different but comply with the norm?…. I cannot get this approved!!!”

This is the part when the brief turns to grief!

The ask was for being creative, the real ask was just a cliche in a shiny wrapper!!!

Oh, all that time in ideating and creating, wasted!

Creatives, make sure you deal with the decision maker, and that the decision maker is quirky enough to accept quirky.

It takes one to know another.  Feel free to reuse and repurpose some of the “rejected” ideas.

Deal only with those who understand “creative”, and have a spine.

Be an outlier. Stay an outlier.


Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur. Talk to him to rip apart and redo your marketing strategy.

mic Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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