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  • Subu (Past Governor)
    Teaching or training a business group is easier than teaching a bunch of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. This morning, Mr. Pravin Shekar, simply took the movers and shakers of the incoming team of Rotary International District-3232 into one orbit most would not have thought that they would travel. Powerful presenter that he is, he made the group believe that the raising of funds for a good cause is not just possible but easy. I think that after several motivational speakers who tug at the heart strings to promote philanthropy, he was a speaker who showed us how. He is more relevant in today's world, where action is more important than a few teardrops when it comes to doing good in the world. Mr. Pravin Shekar is the person one should listen to. He can make things happen. I am glad I was in this session.
    Subu (Past Governor)
    Rotary District 3232
  • Rtn J Venugopal
    Audacious and outrageous - did I think, as he spoke? Oh boy, he got me! He made his point. He had a point. He got me throwing open possibilities that I would have been reluctant to think on. An infectious Outlier, HE is!
    Rtn J Venugopal
  • Marita Schimpl
    "The Myanmar Research Association and Esomar invited Pravin to give a Master Class in Yangon to strengthen out-of-the-box thinking and storytelling skills of local market researchers - both from agencies and client-side. We had a full-house of enthusiastic participants that experienced outlier marketing principles in an engaging and fun way. Especially applying the learnings via playing a card game was a big hit. Thank you Pravin, for this energetic session."
    Marita Schimpl
    Managing Director in a Frontier Market
  • Elissa Molloy
    "Pravin was a keynote speaker and also facilitated an interactive workshop for our delegates at our national annual conference in 2013. His keynote and workshop were extremely relevant with a focus around applying frugal innovation to the world of market research utilising the latest business thinking. Mixing the theoretical concept with practical cases that highlighted the importance of frugal innovation, this topic was exceptionally well received by all that attended. Pravin is an engaging and thought provoking speaker who interacts well with his audience. I would thoroughly recommend him as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator."
    Elissa Molloy
    Chief Executive Officer at The Research Society
  • Stephen Paton
    "Pravin is one of my favourite speakers and makes conferences better. He tells great stories and brings unique views that motivate and inspire new thinking and action. As the chair of the MRMW APAC Pravin amazed me with his ability step in to fill a last minute vacancy and without preparation captivate and educate the audience. He is definitely one of the first people you should invite to speak at a conference."
    Stephen Paton
    Applying the latest research techniques and findings in human understanding to help businesses grow.
  • Salma Moosa
    "I have personally known Pravin Shekar from the past 3 years, his energy and passion towards entrepreneurs is contagious to every one around him, within minutes, but the most exciting part of working with Pravin, is the total value which he passes with every second of his talking. His BE SHAMELESS workshops once conducted with @StartupsClub members has been adopted so beautifully that today after every sessions, we have a round of shameless asks which our member give and take from each other. Just couple of months back, Pravin just spoke for 30 mins at our annual event DemoDay in Chennai, he left the 100+ audience in total excitement to go out there and implement his strategies in marketing..."
    Salma Moosa
    Founder at Startup Squares, Startup Mentor, Advocate for Disciplined Entrepreneurship & Solution Getter for Startups

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