Workplace diversity: Your chance to do something about it.

When you talk about diversity in workplace, the obvious thought that come are gender, age, regional/geographic and the inevitable caste-based. There have been oft repeated at various for a.

Take a step back and ask yourself this question: How many differently-abled persons work at your organization?

At least one?

I am not talking about CSR initiatives here. This is not a guilt-trip or sympathy drive.

A straight and simple question – for which we don’t have an answer or worse, don’t want to find one.

Opportunities for the physically challenged are few and the awareness about their potential and how they can contribute – even lower.

Incredulity – is what I see when I mention that a spirited bunch of physically challenged resources “assemble” an electric generator! Hard to believe – but here’s the proof:

  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Desk research, competitive mapping, data entry
  • Marketing mailers
  • Handling calls
  • Being a virtual assistant
  • Sticking letters, organizing things – are all areas where we have a constant need. Talk to your HR today and push your management to be more inclusive and build diversity at your workplace.

Such kind of change is tough and best done in small doses. Take a small step today – RAISE your voice.

The StepOne initiative of Bhoomika trust aims to do just that – Sensitivize workforce about the possibilities and capabilities of those who are slightly differently-abled than the rest of us. There are other NGOs as well, working towards creating opportunities.

StepOne provides a match between the needs of a corporate: short or long term: and that of the capabilities of a differently-abled individual.

Take an intern for one month: learn more about their capabilities and fitment into your organization, expose your workplace and colleagues and take a step in the right direction – that of an inclusive workplace where merit counts and so does “providing opportunities”.

The Choice is Yours.

The time is NOW.

Take action and talk to StepOne today.

 Diversity – Love it, Live it!

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