Who really makes the decision?

  • To buy?
  • To do something.
  • To approve.

When dealing with B2B prospects, everyone wants to be the gatekeeper, claims to be the decision maker.

Many many hours have been wasted pitching to the wrong guys.

How do you find out who the real decision maker is?

The hard way and the smart way.

The hard way: By segmenting your customer base into similar categories and wherever possible going top down. Dredging up the right contacts and reaching out to them from the senior most designation at hand. If you try a bottom up approach, you will have to get past every designation from there to the key one – Tiring and time consuming. Top down, the probability of being directed to the right decision maker is much higher, and the door is open just that bit more.

The smart way: By knowing so much about your customer segment that you know which designation to target. It is not a guessing game anymore. The contact collection/sifting is necessary but the short circuiting helps. When you know who decides, you also get to know where they are…. which conferences, which fora, physical and digital. Reaching out/connecting is faster- and more focused.

The choice is yours. Remember, it’s your time, money, and neck on the line!!!

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