What’s the number 8 all about?

A concept from New Zealand, similar to that of Jugaad in India. This was brought to my attention by professional speaker and global traveler Kiruba Shankar. An 8mm wire that seems to provide all possible solutions to work and life in general, in New Zealand. Lots has been written about the number 8 solution!

From Wikipedia: “Number 8 wire was the preferred wire gauge for sheep fencing, so remote farms often had rolls of it on hand, and the wire would often be used inventively to solve mechanical or structural problems.”  

What do I take from the number 8?

It’s a mentality. That of an entrepreneurial mind that is honed to find ingenuous solutions to business problems (and every other practical one as well). A mind that identifies the crux of a problem, and finds the best possible solution given all the constraints at hand.

What is it’s relevance to marketing, more so Outlier marketing in particular?

In the grand scheme of things, the CEO “dream and vision”, the ambition to rule the world; we forget the small steps that lead to the big mountain peak.

We overcomplicate the mission objectives and try to bite on a lot more than what we can handle.

The solution is already within, or around us!

Applying the 8mm rule:

Find a need. Solve the problem. Locally. With Ingenuity. DO IT NOW.

Then build on top of it. And build. And sell. And scale.

You want a million customers – start with one, ten….There is no quick fix.

What is it that we have in abundance – but don’t know about it…?

Creativity: To identify what needs to be done and how best to get things done to fill that need!

And yes, of course, action beats all grand visions. 


Pravin Shekar

Outlier Marketer | Entrepreneur | Professional Speaker


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