The MONKEY Manifesto


  1. AVOID SPECULATIVE INERTIA. 101 things can go wrong, and they will. That should not stop you from doing what’s necessary. From doing. DO!
  2. Surround yourself with positive people, those who provide constructive criticism and encouragement. This is absolutely important. There is a space for JERKS. It needn’t be around you.
  3. What can I do differently today? Very differently. Very very.
  4. Big goal, small steps. First step. Break the target down and take the first few steps.
  5. ROI ROI ROI. If your objective isn’t clear, it is wasted effort, whining, gripping, grouching….. Everything you do as an outlier marketer, you do with the objective in mind and measured ROI.
  6. Find the Da Vincis and network with them. Regularly. The Da Vincis are those who have multiple interests and do well in most of them. Demonstrable interest with clear intent and a visible outcome. You need such people to dip into their creative side, across interests, and provide suggestions and solutions. Find your DA VINCI. Set your path to become one.
  7. DATA DATA. Collect data, analyse data, connect the dots. REDO. So what’s new? Do you maintain your own time sheets, for yourself? If not, start today.
  8. Start a side hustle, inside your company or division. Something rogue. Something that is bent on disrupting the process, in getting to the results faster, better, cheaper….
  9. Have Ideation huddles. Invite people from different divisions or walks of life. Purely to ideate for an hour or two on one specific business challenge. The wisdom of the crowd, is as good as the constituents of the crowd, the challenge, and the moderator.
  10. Be a monkey. Daring, brave, naughty, always on to something. Seeking attention. Grabbing attention. Gaining attention. Start monkeying around. AND SHOW OFF YOUR WORK, Success and failure, and the future plans. BRAND YOURSELF AS A DOER. The rest will follow.

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Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur. Talk to him to rip apart and redo your marketing strategy.


Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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