All meetings are good. In some, you get/make business deals. The others make you a writer!!!

I sat down to listen to a pitch. A sales pitch.

The sales guy takes a deep breath first. That should’ve been warning enough. He then embarks on a non stop sales pitch listing down feature after feature for five minutes straight. Throwing so many jargons that my head starts spinning. Oh, and did I mention acronyms….AI ML BC DFP SML….Go figure!

I present to you, The JARGONATOR, masquerading as a sales person. He belongs to a school of sales that is long dead: that of talking and talking, basically boring the prospect into submission.

Not one question, mind you, about me or my business or what my potential needs could be. Not one.

This bulldoze technique didn’t work and I told him so. That I couldn’t make head or tail and perhaps we should stop.

No. He didn’t want to. Like he had to get that sales pitch out of his system. I am sure he would have spent hours memorizing it!!!

Did a sale happen? You decide.

Are you one? A Jargonator…?
When did you last listen to a pitch from your own sales team?

Beware. Be aware.


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