The importance of passionate DO-Dreamers

The importance of passionate DO-Dreamers

The importance of passionate DO-Dreamers


When have the best ideas come to you?

For me, it seems to be come during the nap/doze time. “When the mind is blank and without fear” to distort Tagore’s words.

It’s ok to dream. In fact, I would recommend a mandatory 30 minutes in your work week when you do nothing but dream.

Mind It: Dreaming on office time, needs to be for official purposes!

Larger goals, simpler ways to do things or coming up with a new process altogether. This structured dreaming is all about DOing: What more can I do? Can I do it faster? Better? Efficiently?

This “DO Dreaming” needs some getting used to. And it’s ok if nothing comes out of it for the first few dream sessions!!!

A startup CEO or new division-head, works in ambiguity and therefore needs to allocate time – to clear the mind and just dream.

We need more passionate “DO Dreamers”.


Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivator. provides additional info.

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