The customer doesn’t understand my product.

The customer doesn’t understand my product.

The customer doesn’t understand my product.

Such a dolt!

My product is so great, has so many features – and the customer doesn’t understand. He’s got a serious problem. Here I am, trying to help him and he just doesn’t understand. I’ve spent months developing this product. It is sensational, mind blowing and super fast.

My customer just doesn’t understand my product!

Now, haven’t we heard this before?

I have. From several startup companies in the products and the services space.

Whose job is it to understand the product? And why should the customer worry about your “features”? Or how many person-hours you’ve invested in developing it?

Startup CEOs: Think Marketing

Where’s your marketing hat? What benefit are you providing? Why should the customer use your product or service? What is the end-result of using your product? And specifically what pain-point of the customer is being relieved?

This requires customer/prospect research – and I strongly recommend that the CEO and/or the founding team conducts this research directly. Either face-to-face or over telephone. Find our who exactly is your customer. What is their current (or future) pain point? Have a direct connect with your customer base. Walk their path, with or without shoes!!!

And speak their language.

Starting with the benefits first.


Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivator. provides additional info.

This post is part of a series on “Debunking Sales Myths”.


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