“Speak to the audience of the audience.”

This was stated by Patricia Fripp at the National Speakers Association Annual convention Influence.

As a speaker, as a marketer, I can understand speaking to my targeted audience. What does Patricia mean by going another level deeper?

You prepare a speech. Or a marketing campaign. It is aimed at the target segment. All research and testing is done for that segment.

Here’s the big question: What will your listeners share with their colleagues, or circle? 

You need to deliver value. That needs to be understood by your audience. This then becomes a talking point to be shared with their audience.

A seed that you plant, deliberately, to spread the word. About you, about your message – and about your capability.

There is an allied point here: “Make it easier”

Communicate in a way that it is easier for your audience to share it with their audience.  Keep it simple, entertaining, useful.

Speaker or marketer, speak to the audience of the audience.

Spread the word.

Build the tribe.


Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur. Talk to him to rip apart and redo your marketing strategy. mic

Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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