I recently attended a conference for professional speakers, which exposed me to a range of styles, topics and stories.

This story is from Shirley Taylor, Shirley from Sheffield, the President of the Global Speakers Federation.

Shirley moved from Sheffield to Singapore in the early 80s. A complete culture change and she just couldn’t relate, come to terms – with the new place, people. She got into a bit of a pickle, what we call a touch of depression these days. When she went to a doctor and explained her situation, expecting pills, she was surprised when the doctor started asking questions.

Doc: Have you been to Orchard road?


Doc: Have you noticed the trees on that road?

Yes, So…?

Doc: How do you think the trees got here?

How do I know? Maybe they were in a small pot somewhere, then in a garden and then when they were big enough, moved to Orchard road.

Doc: Right, that’s what happens. Did you notice that some trees are dying? Why?

Oh, maybe they didn’t adjust to the new place and were expecting the old place and treatment!

Doc: Yes, and the trees that grow and live are the ones that TAKE HOLD!


The trees that take hold and grow roots in a new environment are the ones who survive.


How is it in our world of entrepreneurship And marketing?

We get stuck in past success and older models – trying to recreate that past glory and getting pickled up when we don’t taste the same success.

We shift jobs and take on newer responsibilities, but refuse to take hold, adapt….

“Past success is no measure of future success”, paraphrasing what the Investment advisors put in that fine print you need a microscope to read! So, let’s move, take hold, grow roots and rock.


“Whenever you are uncomfortable, there is a huge potential for growth.” Shirley quotes.



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