Speaking & Workshops


A Motivational Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker to super-charge your audience, I am your man for Keynotes, Masterclasses and Agile sessions.

The topics that I speak on include

Guerrilla Marketing

Agile entrepreneurship & research

Frugal Innovation

Bootstrapping tips and tricks

Idea Validation


Reviews & Testimonials


These are the workshops that I conduct for entrepreneurs, marketers and Insights professionals.

Guerrilla Marketing

Make your money do more. A lot more! Attend this workshop to learn how you can use creativity, lateral thinking and a little bit of money to rock your way to the bank!

Shameless Biz Networking

It matters more “who” knows you and how well. This is the Word-of-mouth market and YOU need to be adept in business networking. Meet people, widen your network and your business.

Idea Validation

Do you have an idea? Let us validate the hypotheses and assumptions behind your idea. One workshop that addresses your ideas and helps you take the right steps.

My International Talks and Workshops

Year 2016

ESOMAR – Learning from Failure
New Orleans, USA

United Way – Guerrilla marketing for NGOs / Booth Camp
Chennai, India

Tokyo, Japan

MRMW Mobile Conference – Agile Market Research
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year 2015

ESOMAR APAC – Networking tips ambassador

Year 2014

Insights Innovation Exchange APAC – Jugaad in Market Research
Sydney, Australia

Year 2013

AMSRS – Nowhere is an Island
Sydney, Australia

TMRE Panel – Growth in Asia
Nashville, USA

ESOMAR Conference Opening
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ghent, Belgium

Year 2011

Thai Association – Mobile research Workshop
Bangkok, Thailand

American Marketing Association – Receiving 4 Under 40 award
Orlando, USA

Year 2010

ESOMAR Congress
Athens, Greece

Bridging the Digital Divide of India: Mind the Gap
Athens, Greece

Year 2009

ESOMAR APAC – Connecting with the Hard-to-Reach Population
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ESOMAR Congress – Research-Idol
Montreux, Switzerland

ESOMAR Congress – The naked state of research
Montreux, Switzerland

ESOMAR APAC – Representative presentation
Beijing, China

ESOMAR APAC – Focus on India
Beijing, China

Year 2008

Market Research Society of Singapore – Web2.0 and the shifting engagement-connection

ConfirmIT Community Conference – Old Wine in a new Tetrapak (Optimal Resourcing): An Operations Management Perspective
London, UK

ESOMAR APAC – Debate: Who is leading the Research Wave?

Year 2007

ESOMAR Qualitative Research – Online is the future. You decide : Panel discussion
Paris, France

Business Intelligence Group (BIG) – Blog Mining in the B2B Space
Wales, UK

Year 2006

Leisure Conference, ESOMAR – Blog Mining: Quantifying Qualitative Research
Rome, Italy

ESOMAR Annual Congress – Technology Outsourcing
London, UK