Shekar Talkies

ShekarTalkies is my personal space: where I wander off for walks, treks, photography and storytelling. The next generation joins me in “ShekarTalkies” in creating lifestyle portraits and other works of art. Shreya and Shraddha have been assisting me over the years and are now branching out in the world of “creation” and “business”.


Images published in Lonely Planet / NatGeo Traveler

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Open for business: Getting the next-gen ready for biz


Pravin Shekar

I’m a man of many moods + I imbibe and spread positive energy + and believe in
“Doing” more.


Works of Shreya

Shreya has been a part of two group-art exhibitions and is getting ready for her first solo exhibition in 2017.


Works of Shraddha

An author and an entrepreneur. Shraddha’s first book “The Adventures of Morty” is releasing on the 4th of November 2016.