Shame has a purpose, in sales and entrepreneurship!

Shame has a purpose, in sales and entrepreneurship!shame is a motivator

Let me begin with a personal episode.

The Chennai Trekking Club runs regular treks. For moderate/tough treks, you need to clear a speed-fitness test(with a 10 Kg backpack), and yours truly appeared for one. Slipping, scrambling, I managed to complete the trek after a couple of falls! I finished last, outside the cut-off time. So, is my pride hurt? Heck, yeah, but a Did-not-finish would have been a personal….humiliation!!!

Pride comes before a fall. But a fall precedes resizing one’s pride!

And how is that pertinent to the world of sales!

Ever had the phone banged on a call or got rejected in the first two minutes of a pitch. Such stepped “humiliations” help develop a thicker skin. Much needed as “Sales” is a game of perseverance.

I will be back for the next fitness test: Any which way, I am sure that will be a personal best. And a step up!

Shame is a great motivator…


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