Devil Does Care
Outlier marketing tactics for the bootstrapped entrepreneur/marketer

Released Date: 04 November 2016

The Devil lies in the Details.
When the Details are missed, the Devil comes out.
It is the same with your marketing budget.
Spending oodles of money on marketing and branding activities is not the only way for a cash-crunched startup to win relevant clients. Instead, try Outlier marketing.

Coming Soon

KASE Bites

A cookbook for cheese lovers!

05 Feb 2017

Well, I am not writing it. I will be photographing the process/product – and marketing the book!

Did I mention I am an investor in

73.5 ways to BE SHAMELESS: Business Networking Basics

What is your specialty? How can you help? What help do you need?

15 March 2017

This book will provide tips and tricks for effective conference networking and follow-through. It is an outcome of several workshops conducted by me on the same topic.

The CAN Doers Story

Differently-abled Rockstar Entrepreneurs

Q2, 2017

I am the Co-author.


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