MRSI Qualitative Conference – Keynote highlights

I attended the MRSI Qualitative conference, which is now becoming more of an Annual event. These are the highlights along with comments from my side.

The keynote was delivered by Anupama Ahluwalia, VP Marketing, India & South-west Asia at Coke.

My first reaction and top-of-mind title that came was “Spare the rod and spoil the child” – an oft-repeated quote when I was a kid. This is of course, not so much in use these days as parenting styles have changed!!! I would translate the keynote as – If you don’t wake up now, it will be too late. Researches need to stretch to stay relevant, effective and in demand.

Her talk was more thought provoking and the intent was to make the delegates think – exactly what I would expect from a Keynote address.

The theme of the conference was “Root to Fruit” and how to think more end-to-end rather than a simple dipstick.

A whole bunch of questions were put forth by her, a sample is present below:

  • Being different (or merely attempting to do so) – Is it good enough?
  • Is the ROOT (culture, etc) withing your company strong enought to PROVOKE change?
  • Is the Root sustainable?
  • Can we think end-to-end – with the client’s needs in mind?

And the most important of all, IMHO: Can we COLLABORATE across the various Business priorities?
Researchers – can we CO-OWN the business?

I am not going to dwell on the answers/responses as the questions are direct and I believe we need to search for these answers within – of course, without the inherent biases!!!!

Some messages from Anupama….

Successful business are based on strong Insights.
Successful brands are based on value creation – not just differentiation.

Increase your insights Circles of Influence to be more effective!!!

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