Global Voices – MR challenges of the day!

What is the single biggest challenge MR is facing in your region/country today?

This was the question posed to over 40 ESOMAR representatives at the annual Reps meet. The meeting was co-ordinated by Helen Parker of ESOMAR and aimed at consolidating the top issue(s).

Each Rep is a key nodal point for their country and the key challenges were put forth. It was interesting to note that quite a few points were recurring, meaning we need to take an industry approach to arriving at a solution.

Some of the challenges could be classified ‘old-hat’ – which means that the effort involved will be a lot more, and therefore a continued thrust is required – a concerted effort from all stakeholders.

The top challenges that I took note of are:

  1. Train the Next generation (Universal – and one that is imperative)
  2. Data collection Quality (A long term need – globally)
  3. Keep prices – don’t drop indiscriminately. Basically, don’t sell ourselves cheap!
  4. Technology adoption
  5. Knowledge dissemination
  6. Data privacy (standards as well as implementation)
  7. Handling newer entrants to our industry – Big data, Management Consultants, Data Miners, etc

Each of these challenges is a topic in itself and some of them, especially Data Collection Quality and Handling newer entrants brought about a lot of discussion.

As with all such Rep meetings, there was enough time for banter and leg-pulling: Daniel Cuende stating that his biggest challenge was that he was in Spain!!!!

A very interactive and interesting meeting; and now, for some of us to work on solutions: short and long-term…….

Miles to go before we sleep  🙂

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