Mr. CEO, feeling lonely? Time to find your own Water cooler!

Mr. CEO, feeling lonely? Time to find your own Water cooler!

Mr. CEO, feeling lonely? Time to find your own Water cooler!


I come into an empty office. I’m generally the first one in (and the first one out). This is an important week. Strategic decisions need to be made. The direction of one of my companies is going to change. Loads of questions in my mind as I walk past cubicle after cubicle. Even with a full office, one question lingers…

Is it the curse of the CEO, to be lonely in thoughts and revel in soliloquy?


Never Alone Startup CEO

My colleagues talk at the water-cooler. At the pantry, not just to discuss work or gossip, but also for counsel, advice and personal planning.

As a startup CEO, has this question ever crossed your mind?: Can I speak with all of them, about my doubts? Am I a CEO or am I their friend?

It is important for a CEO to steam-off/vent/cool-down; and interact.

                                          \\We are never alone!\\

There are others similar to me, CEOs that I can approach. Several water-coolers, and waterholes are available for company heads to meet, greet and chat.

As a startup CEO, you wallow in ambiguity and need to make sense of it all. A few things work, many not. Where’s my water cooler?

For counsel, advice or just plain talking to another of the same ilk. Would it help? Why, would you rather pay for a shrink or counselor?

Entrepreneur-forums, CEO mashups, mentor-mentee connects are possibilities. When I have this urge to talk, I invite myself over for a cup of coffee, for a chat with a peer or senior.  Or form a quick group!

It helps. To open up. And talk.

Find your own water cooler. Or create one!

Keep the conversation going.


Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivator. provides additional info.

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