MRMW Conference: A Tweet’s eye view

The MRMW APAC Conference: Tweet’s Eye View

A collection of questions/comments from yours truly– a Tweet-summary report of the MRMW conference!!!

This is a world of “Punch Dialogues” – short statements that, well, make quite a statement. Quite strongly so!

  • Mobile is ready for Prime time – Dave King, Confirmit
  • Privacy policy needs to be like nutrition labels ~ Derek Ho/MasterCard. Make it easy to understand!
  • “MOBILE” is so much more than a Data collection channel. Are you leveraging it fully?
  • Are you “Accidentally” mobile or is it “Purposeful”? What’s your corporate strategy? Asked Dave King from Confirmit.
  • ”Data Scientist” seems to be the new buzzword for 2013
  • Researchers to bring new skills-asap: Understanding ethics, big data and the bigger picture: @GuyRolfe

And then there are “support” statements. Important to energize all of us in the Research/Analytics/Insights/BigData world!

  • 40% of the mobiles went missing in Africa! Confirmit changed tack and offered mobiles as incentives to field staff on reaching quota!
  • 90% of respondents won’t come back if they have a bad mobile user experience. So, get it RIGHT or FAIL…
  • 63% of companies don’t have a smartphone policy
  • ZERO routing of mobile surveys – you get them hooked, keep them engaged. Build your survey pipeline!
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.Getting into the shower and other private places with mobile Qual. #Civicom
  • Recall…? Memory is subject to Flaw! ~Bob Dance, FreshMinds. The art of Not relying on recall. Popup Communities aka MROC
  • Principles should be such that there is no need to update them due to changes in technology: Dan Foreman, Lumi Mobile, ESOMAR President
  • and the word ‘TRUST’ debuts on Day2 of #mrmw conf. Derek Ho/MasterCard, talk about gaining and retaining it
  • 48% increase in video viewing on mobile Internet in India, in the last 12 months. Jasmeet Sethi from Ericsson
  • Looks a practical solution from #marketxcel that circumvents the ills plaguing ‘Fieldwork’ in developing nations. #mrmw
  • Ray Poynter opening the #MRMW Conference. Energizing the delegates, as usual. Looking forward to learning § networking.

 Onwards and Upwards – The Mobile wave is upon us. Time to get on that surfboard and stay ahead of the wave!!!

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