Things are going fine and suddenly there’s a bump on the road. A slide. Sometimes a fall.

The mind starts playing games after that. Every time I return to that bump, that bend, I tend to slow down quite a bit. The subconscious perhaps replaying that accident/incident all over again. An internal sigh of relief when that area is crossed.

Isn’t it similar in a corporate? You make a presentation or take up a project, and then there’s a mess. Either you created it or were a part of it – but a bit of that mess sticks on to you. A lot of it sticks in your mind. The next time there’s a call for people to make a presentation or take up a specific project, you dig your hands deeper, into your pockets! Lest you be called on stage again to experience that same emotion, commotion, mess.

Hmmmm, haven’t you ever failed in love…. or been shut out of an infatuation? It’s happened to me, more than I can count. What does have to do with this article? You must be thinking I am just rambling. Well, if you’ve failed in love and then fallen in love again, you HAVE surmounted your fears, at least partially.

At work, as an entrepreneur, it’s my job to take risks and fail. Along with me, a few colleagues will also fail and it is but natural that some take these failures to heart. They prefer sticking to safe shores and I have to keep pulling them back into the deep sea. However much I try, there are a few who choose to remain in the safe zone; there are few who are ready to take the plunge with me, every time, regardless of the consequences.

They are my buoy as I am theirs. Together, we shall float and move across the many mini-hurdles created in our subconscious. Many small failures leading to a bigger failure, as success is around the corner.

Where’s a corner, in deep sea? !


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