Lead-gen. Dig. Dig Deep. Reap!

PROSPECTING SOLOLead-gen. Dig. Dig Deep.    Reap!

Drought is common in certain parts of the world, certainly mine!

In a village in rural India, a man starts to dig a well. Ten meters in, he feels another place will be more conducive to get water. So, he starts in another place and digs 20 meters. Another thought, another place, another 30 meters! No water. Thoroughly disillusioned, he gives up!

If only he had continued digging in one place! In 30-40 meters, he would’ve hit the water table and got a well in return!

– – –

So, what’s your lead-generation strategy?

Prospecting for new business/clients is like breathing. It’s always on! It’s like that bucket of water (call it the revenue bucket), which should never be empty! Prospect is the TAP that either, drips, trickles or flows into your sales funnel and revenue bucket.

Do you exhaust a list thoroughly before moving on?

Find the right place.

And Dig.




Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

He is also an investor/mentor in www.CANDO.Ind.In , a back-office by and for people with disabilities – and they are experts in prospecting and setting appointment for B2B sales teams!



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