Idea intoxication for blogIdeas are dime a dozen. Good ideas are like a dollar!

Very often, we get so enamoured with our own idea that we build a whole world around it. We refuse to even consider the possibility of failure. Or any areas where this great idea may falter!

Idea Intoxication
An all prevalent disease in the business world!

Symptoms of Idea Intoxication:

My idea is good. It is great. It is a sure-shot success. I don’t need any research. This idea has NO competition. I won’t listen to you, you always say negative things!
O Startups! Be aware of this intoxication. Work on it. And realize that everything depends on execution. Effective execution!

What can you do about it?
VALIDATE. Accept negative feedback. Tweak your idea. Validate. Execute. Evaluate. Tweak your execution. Evaluate with set objectives. Repeat.

Convert your idea from a good thought to great business action.
Which means “generating profits”, by the way!

PS: And #GoOutlier while you are at it. Idea validation needn’t cost much. It’s the same with your marketing tactics/ideas.
Pravin Shekar is a parallel entrepreneur, Outlier marketer and a raconteur.
His first book, Devil Does Care, is available on Amazon. The book provides Outlier marketing tactics for entrepreneurs/marketers.
Pravin tweets @PravinShekar
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