I love you. You MUST love me too, O customer!

I love you. You MUST love me too, O customer!

“I have built this product. It’s awesome. Absolute. And you have to invest. As the whole world is my customer. They are practically breaking the gate down to buy this. I love it so much, you MUST as well. How can you not?

I love you. You must love me!

“Hey, can’t you see what I see? You must be…. well, *ditch* it !

The above dialogue is very common among founders….and the Gyan is…

Investing in an idea & building a product  – before due customer validation is a startup SIN.

Love at first sight is ok, but needs to be reciprocated from the other side as well – before you head out and propose. True in life and true in startups.

Ideate, Validate idea, build, validate, Scale….


Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivator. www.pravinshekar.com provides additional info.

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