What I say isn’t valuable.

I have some experience but not enough…. I will be found out. And made fun of.

I don’t want to sound or be branded a phony; I might as well keep shut.

It is just not good enough.


Look into the mirror. You’ve been through it. Or experience this everytime you’re asked to raise your hand and take something up: Speak at an event, lead a team, solve a problem

The first thought that comes through is “hey, I’m not ready. Perhaps next year. Why don’t you ask him, I’m sure he will do a better job!”.

You’ve had successes in the past, have exhibited brilliance and leadership but internally, you write it off as luck, the team and some heavenly intervention!

This, is known as the “Impostor syndrome”.


The only way to counter the impostor syndrome is to take it head on.

Do not let your own fear that you’re not good enough stop you.


Say what you have to say.

Do what you have to do.


What you have to say or do, do it; there is someone who needs to hear it. It will resonate and those who listen will get back to you. Feedback. It will substantiate what your doing.

Keep doing it and you’ll become better at it.

Two other methods that work:

  1. Talk to a senior or a mentor who can help you get out of this syndrome and set you on the right track- your track!
  2. Write your accomplishments and hey, market your successes.


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