I’ve been asked this question quite a few times in the last few weeks: How can I vote in the ESOMAR Elections?

This note explains the modus operandi of the voting process.

Disclaimer 1: This is my understanding of how it works. In case I receive feedback from the Election committee, changes, if any, will be made at the earliest. Disclaimer 2: I am running for the President of ESOMAR in this election.

  1. You should have already received an email from with a subject line “ESOMAR – Council Elections 2014”. This is to confirm if your registered mail-id is valid. The election is being conducted by a 3rd party: Electoral Reform Services.
  2. If you have NOT received a mail from them yet, please login to myESOMAR and verify your registered mail-id. Also check your spam folder!
  3. Information about all the candidates, their experience, manifesto and personal statement, including a brief video, are available at .
  4. The elections open on Monday, 22nd of September and ballot papers will be dispatched via email. The ballot is open 24 hours a day.
  5. The mail will have an online link with a two-part personal security code along with a link to the voting page:
    1. President (single vote)
    2. Vice-President (single vote) and
    3. Council candidates (single transferable vote, STV)
    4. What is this Single Transferable Vote?
      1. Note: The STV is applicable only for the votes to the Council elections (and not for the President or VP).
      2. Verbatim copy-paste from the ESOMAR site: “To improve the proportional representation of Membership, a procedure based on the Single Transferable Vote (STV) will be used. This gives every voter the fullest freedom of choice between candidates seeking election while ensuring that none of their voting power is diminished.”
      3. What this means is that you will be asked for your first choice and the next choice and so on. If the candidate who is your first choice has already made the cut, your vote will go to the candidate who is your second choice (and so on, till all council vacancies have been filled).
      4. This ensures that each vote is made use of. Pretty nifty system actually!
      5. The entire process should not take more than 10 minutes (if you know the candidates). It is important that each of us, as members, exercise our franchise. The ballot closes at 1200 hours CET on Monday, 20th October 2014, but don’t wait till then!!!

So, fellow members, go forth and VOTE.

Encourage other members to exercise their franchise.

Let’s make ESOMAR bigger, better, stronger.


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