Book – Devil Does Care


When the Details are missed, the DEVIL comes out.
It is the same with your marketing budget.

DEVIL DOES CARE is a book aimed at the bootstrapped entrepreneur/marketer, with a specific goal in getting more ROI for marketing efforts.

Outlier marketing tactics in the book will inspire you.

To do more, with less!

Spending oodles of money on marketing and branding activities is not the only way for a cash-crunched startup to win relevant clients. Instead, try Outlier marketing.

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Launched on - 04 NOV 2016

At TiECON Chennai, ITC Grand Chola

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Why did you start up? What are you selling? Why do you want to spend money on branding ‘activities’? Do the spread of marketing options fit your budget?

These are questions every startup must ask themselves, as they all address one word: PURPOSE.

While it is true that a startup must focus on lead generation and closing sales loops at the early stage, it must also remember that these leads should be a qualified set of prospects than the more esoteric branding!

One of the approaches is outlier marketing, also known as Guerrilla marketing or Common sense marketing. It deals with using what you have with you, within you and around you.

Outlier marketing deals with a simple tenet: what you do must get the ROI that you expect. If not, it is all fluff and a waste of time; and money. There’s so much we can do, with what is around and within us.

DEVIL DOES CARE provides examples, ideas and a direction.

Coming soon, to an online bookstore on your screen!