I was a Boy Scout. A President Scout. We learnt a lot things from our Scout masters. I learnt a lot from other scouts.

We played a lot of games in between learning sessions. One such game went like this:

The Scout master will have his back to us. We were ten meters away, standing in a line. Our job was to get past the scoutmaster without him spotting us when we were moving. We had to sneak and creep closer and closer until we could cross him. He would turn and look back periodically and we would stand still. There were seven of us and all except one inched closer and closer. The one guy still standing at the starting line was my friend CS.

He kept observing the head movement of the Scoutmaster and all of a sudden burst into a sprint heading straight at the master and diving past him to win the game.

It seems like a simple game but my learning in the world of business and outlier marketing is profound. When the rest of us were taking baby steps being extra careful. Here was CS, bold and audacious, taking an extremely risky but calculated move- something none of us expected, least of all the master.

I am still a boy scout at heart and the motto always remains “Be Ready”!

As you work on your marketing plan, do you plan to take the time tested ways that you are familiar with?

When was the last time you did something bold and audacious?




  • May 3, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    I feel, it’s not only important to be bold and audacious with our marketing efforts, but also be calculative about it. Like your friend. Besides, some bold steps will fall flat on our face. We should also have the courage to accept them and move to the next bold step.


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