33 candidates: What this means for ESOMAR and research?

From a traditional 10-15 candidate set to more than doubling the number, this signifies renewed interest > towards ESOMAR and our profession.

I’ve had the privilege of interacting with most of the candidates and one thing stands out. Everyone wants to contribute. To add one’s energy and experience, to further strengthen ESOMAR.

33 candidates for the selection of 10 seats on the Council might seem daunting at first. However, I see all winners here. This group represents an entrepreneurial spirit: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And everyone wins!

ESOMAR wins: as this will further energize the member base; to peruse the candidate’s statement, do their research and cast their vote to the best fit.

The candidates win: I am sure that all who’ve put their names forward will be recognized for the effort and invited to participate/contribute in future ESOMAR initiatives.

The members win: This vibrancy and the positive buzz is definitely contagious. With more stepping up to the (hot) plate, more initiatives can be customized for specific member segments.

Research wins: The candidate fray is diverse, with different geographies, experience and backgrounds. All of us are working towards the same goal, that of elevating the status of research.

A step forward. TOGETHER.

Not many may be aware of the concerted effort by Dan Foreman (President) and Finn Raben (Director General) to encourage greater participation amongst members, to consider, run and contribute more for the future of ESOMAR. This initiative was ably supported by the Secretariat and the Council.

A healthy sign. Thanks to all the brave-hearts who’ve stepped up.

A sign of (more) good things to come.




Bigger. Better. Stronger!

* * *
Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and I am a candidate for the President of ESOMAR.

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