Several brilliant ideas come out when brainstorming; for a new business, a new division or initiative.

So many possibilities, so many success areas; your head spins literally out of control.

You fall in love with the idea. It charges you and gives a momentary high. One that lasts a few days. You just can’t stop talking about it. The brilliance of the ideas and how it would revolutionize your business.

Ideas. Awesome.
The future. Awesomer!

Then Business-as-usual hits and regular work pulls you in.

Until there’s another meeting call, to discuss a new direction. Some old ideas are repeated, new ones emerge. You leave the meeting with an inflated sense of purpose, and ego.

On a high.

This is what I term “The Fool Good factor”.

It’s like Falling in love with the idea of falling in love, rather than being in love!!!


How about taking one of those brilliant ideas and taking it through to execution. Till the very end. And then compare if it met the set objective….

Easy to say and write but very difficult to implement. The one who does it best, wins, to live/love another day.

An idea is just an idea. The brilliance comes in the right execution.

Beware of the fool good factor.


Ideation, Execution, Success!

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