I love you. You MUST love me too, O customer!

I love you. You must love me!

“I have built this product. It’s awesome. Absolute. And you have to invest. As the whole world is my customer. They are practically breaking the gate down to buy this. I love it so much, you MUST as well. How can you not?

I love you. You must love me!

“Hey, can’t you see what I see? You must be…. well, *ditch* it !

The above dialogue is very common among founders….and the Gyan is…

Investing in an idea & building a product  – before due customer validation is a startup SIN.

Love at first sight is ok, but needs to be reciprocated from the other side as well – before you head out and propose. True in life and true in startups.

Ideate, Validate idea, build, validate, Scale….


Pravin Shekar is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and motivator. www.pravinshekar.com provides additional info.

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